New festival to shine light on Toowoomba's CBD - The Chronicle

TOOWOOMBA'S CBD will light up during this year's Carnival of Flowers with the inaugural LIT Festival.

Colourful light projections and sculptures will adorn down town buildings, streets and laneways to brighten the nightlife of the city's CBD.

"It will encourage people to go walking in the CBD and to look over the exhibits which will offer more to do in the city at night during carnival," digital media producer and festival director Ben Tupas said.

The street art festival will work on themes from the local region.

Mr Tupas attended the renowned Vivid festival in Sydney to gain inspiration for the Toowoomba festival which is hoped to fill the void left with the closing of the First Coat Festival.

The LIT Festival will be held on the nights of September 28 and 29 in the second week of the carnival.

Mr Tupas said it was hoped this extra attraction will encourage people to stay in Toowoomba and enjoy the family safe CBD at night while they are out having a meal or a coffee.

Jennifer Wright of Arts Council Toowoomba, which is backing the event, said the organisation was proud to support local artists and festivals such as LIT.

"There are a lot of talented artists here," she said.

"First Coat left a bit of a hole and this will be building on what First Coat did and support local artists.

"It will also get people down to the CBD which is good."

- Peter Hardwick